Malwa International AB

Model 560C - Flexibfa Combi Forest Machine


A stand-operating dual-machine that is easy to :onvert from forwarder to harvester without com->romising on productivity and performance. Unique olution with removable counterweight gives the 4alwa 560c the performance similar to a traditional larvester. The low weight makes the machine very uitable on sensitive ground and moors, especially vith tracks on the bogie. Can be transported on a hook lift platform. This means 'two machines in one move', which makes the 560c perfect for both thinning jobs and processing of wind-felled trees. Powerful Cat 3.4 motor meets the new environmental requirements. Head with up to 42 cm cutting diameter and load capacity of 5 500 kg as forwarder. Top-class hydro-mechanical drive train in combination with short turning radius and good tracking provides one-of-a-kind driving experience.

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