Model 5810 - Air Hoe Drill


Bourgault's long history of providing top seeding implements continues with the 5810 AHD.  By maintaining proven features from past designs and incorporating new innovations, Bourgault offers the most advanced and effective air hoe drill on the market.

  • 5810 AHD Specifications - Bourgault offers 5810 AHDs from 42' (10.7m) to 72' (18.3m) and on 9.8' (250mm) or 12.6' (320mm) spacings.
  • Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly - Bourgault continues to build on the spring trip design that revolutionized seeding.
  • Durable Design - Spend less time in the yard and more time in the field.
  • Packer Options - Pick the packer style the best suits your conditions.
  • Precise Depth Control - Reliable frame setting and seed depth control.
  • 5810 AHD Running Gear - 5810 AHD tires are customer approved!
  • Compact Transport Configuration - The 5810 AHD features a very compact folding system to make transporting through smaller passages easy.
  • Good Contouring Characteristics - The 5810 AHD delivers a very shallow contouring depth to follow field topography.
  • Opener Choice - Configure the 5810 for your specific needs.

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