Model 5DX Series - Double Shoot System



When Producers needed to reshape their drills into a one-pass double-shoot system, they chose Atom-Jet to make their dreams a reality. Faced with the unique challenges provided by single disk drills, Atom-Jet once again developed a technology through hard work and perseverance. Another example of how Atom-Jet is committed to helping growers become more profitable.

  • Improved Seed Ledge.
  • Firm Seed Bed.
  • Improved Seed Placement.
  • Improved Germination.
  • Save Fuel and Time by Making Less Passes.
  • Granular & Liquid Options.
  • Carbide Protected Scraper.


  • Carbide Protection.
  • Increased Scraper Life.
  • Reduced Time Changing Scrapers.
  • Same Size as OEM Scraper.

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