Logset Oy

Model 5F GT - Forwarder



Logset 5F GT is a compact 12-tonne forwarder that combines the best features of a small machine for thinnings with the final felling capacity.
The Logset 5F GT with its big 26.5” wheels, high ground clearance and excellent climbing ability is the solution for difficult terrain and varied ground conditions. The bogie wheels of the standard trailer are practically following the front wheels, offering excellent maneuverability and making the machine easy to handle in thinning. All these features enable smooth driving, leaving minimum impact on the ground. As an option a longer rear chassis is available that offers a load bay length up to 5m. The Logset 5F GT size is our best selling product since many years in many countries. It is a proven and reliable machine.

  • Own weight from, kg 15 500
  • Load capacity, kg 12 000
  • Load area, m2 3.6/4.2/4.6
  • Load area length, m 4.3
  • Engine Agco Power 49 AWF
  • Stage Tier IV Final (4)
  • Power at 1 900 rpm, kW 127 (170 hp)
  • Torque at 1 500 rpm, Nm 750
  • Tractive effort, kN 169
  • Pump size, cc 140
  • Crane Mesera 71
  • Lifting capacity, kNm 99
  • Reach, m 7.2/8.5/10
  • Rotator, o 360
  • Control system TOC

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