Model 5TT - Track Tillr



There is a very high concentration of customers who are farming under center pivots. While the center pivot often is the difference between raising a crop and not, they create challenges for the producer and operator. A deep, hard pivot track can create real issues with preparing a proper seedbed, often requiring multiple operations and still forfeiting quality. A 'track filler' was often used to do just that - FILL the tracks with whatever loose dirt and residue was available. While this allows you to drive over the track without being thrown completely out of the cab, the real issue of the compacted side wall was not addressed and potential new issues are created. A buried, loosely covered ball of residue is impossible to manage in subsequent passes, and after years of this operation, the narrow impact zone can also create swells in the profile around the tracks. Our dealers and customers asked us to for a solution, and thus was born the Orthman TRACK TILLr.


While it may look similar on first sight, it possesses a whole new set of tools focused on BUSTING the sidewall down, TILLING and PACKING the track area, and finally a light tillage set to prepare the path for seedbed prep operations. Like all Orthman products, it all starts with the frame. Weight is vital to TRACK TILLr™ performance, that is up to 70% heavier than the competition. This extra weight allows for better penetration and more consistent depth control, providing a smoother finish.

The front mounted, width and depth adjustable guide wheel centers the machine on the pivot track and accurately controls the tillage depth. Featuring an innovative recessed bearing design, the TRACK TILLr™ guide wheel helps reduce trash wrapping and protects the four heavy duty bearings to ensure years of reliable service.

Mounted front and center of the TRACK TILLr™, the massive 22” notched disc blades tear out the toughest sidewalls and seal the bottom of the track with more soil and less residue than traditional track fillers. The width adjustable discs are mounted on dual large tapered roller bearings to ensure season after season of trouble free service.

The heavy duty track packer is mounted right behind the sidewall busting discs to pack the soil directly in the pivot track. With height and spring down pressure adjustment, you can maximize the packing action to create a solid track base. The cogged roller design keeps the packer rolling even in sticky soil conditions, and is mounted on heavy duty roller bearings to guarantee years of trouble free service.

Finally, 100” wide, rear heavy duty disc gangs decrease in size from the center to the outside of the machine to allow for feathering out of the soil across the machine for a smooth level surface. The Rear disc gangs come standard with a simple pin angle adjustment, allowing for adaptation to soil and track width conditions. The 100' width of the TRACK TILLr™ is up to 88% wider than the competition, giving it the ability to fix swells caused by using a traditional track filler. Rear disc gangs come standard with a pin/bolt angle adjustment, allowing for adaptation to soil and track width conditions.

An optional hydraulic angle adjustment system allows for on the go disc angle adjustment allowing you to tailor the finishing job without ever leaving the tractor cab increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

For an even smoother finish, the TRACK TILLr™ is available with optional rear dual walking baskets. These 100' wide rear baskets are supported by a walking tandem beam that allows for smooth travel and creates a level surface. More importantly, because down pressure on the rear baskets is fully adjustable, you can fine-tune the level of firmness.

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