A.A. Henton & Son Ltd.

Model 6.5 - 15 Tonne - Monocoque Trailers


The trailers have a wide parallel chassis constructed from rolled hollow section fully sealed for long life, and wide spaced rams giving greater stability. The bodies have a robust box section top rail for extra durability. Side and rear panels are ribbed and braced for strength and rigidity. Panel thicknesses are: 5mm Floor, 4mm Front, 3mm Sides. Silage extensions are available across the whole range, with both side and front loading types being available. Various taildoor systems are available including Cable Latching, Auto Opening, Hydraulic etc.

  • Sealed RHS Chassis (Std)
  • Internal & External Ladders (Std)
  • Ratchet type Handbrake (Std)
  • Protected Lights with Angled Lower Lip (Std)
  • Front Window - Choice of Mesh or Bars (Opt)
  • Sprung Drawbar (Opt)
  • Grain Chute (Opt) Universal Handle
  • Hydraulic Taildoor with Auto-Mechanical Latching (Opt)
  • Mud Guards (Opt)

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