6 Hole Finger Row Cleaners


The revolutionary patented design of Groff Finger Row Cleaners allows for superb residue management in all tillage practices.

  • Self-cleaning fingers enter soil horizontally, emerge vertically, allowing tangle-free operation
  • Pulverizes clods, removes residue with minimal soil disturbance
  • Superb performance at a wide range of depths
  • Improves soil to seed contact
  • Moves residue from a wider path - reduces planter bounce, insuring more uniform seed depth
  • Minimizes wrapping in damp conditions, reducing hair-pinning and wedging
  • Groff Finger Row Cleaners offer the same trouble-free operation as standard row cleaners
  • Eliminates residue in planter drives
  • Adjusts easily in 1/4' increments  - closed bracket and long, aligned pin
  • Easy, instant removal without tools
  • Groff Ag Finger Wheels are specifically protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,497,836

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