BZC Agricultural Machinery

Model 600 Lt, 16m - Hydraulic Lifted Field Sprayer



Mounting of 3 linkage point to the tractor. Operating through the PTO cardan shaft. Polyethylene or fiberglass tank. Height adjustment of the spray boom is provided through Hydraulic Lift. Spray boom is balanced and parallel to the field thank to the Shock Absorbers. Through the Spring System, spray boom is working as firm and steady. To prevent the clogging, filtering system. In order to get an uniform mixing, Hydraulic Agitation. Suction Device, to fill the tank by pulling water from external water resources.

Tank Capacity : 600 Lt, 800 Lt, 1000 Lt

Boom Lenght : 16 m, 18 m, 20 m

Diaphragm Pump :

  • 4 Membrane
  • Flow Rate : 85 – 105 Lt
  • Pressure :  30 - 50 Bar

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