Model 600 Watt - HSE Fixtures



The HSE fixtures are a true innovation in electronic fixtures: growers now need fewer fixtures to achieve the same light level output. These increased light levels are achieved because the fixture combines a maximum PAR light yield with high-quality reflector technology. Fewer fixtures mean fewer connection points so less shadowing. The HSE fixture thus improves the returns on the investment made in grow lighting and makes it possible to work with higher light levels. An additional advantage is that the fixtures are more compact than conventional systems. Within the HSE series, PL Light Systems supplies the HSE STD 600 Watt and HSE SL 600 Watt models.

Clean, effective and safe
Electronics are very sensitive to dust and other harmful external influences. Based on this, HSE fixtures have a special membrane that prevents dust getting in and ensures excellent ventilation. This protects the sensitive electronic components from moisture. This guarantees a long problem-free life for the electronics. The unique structure of the fixture with cooling ribs and heat shield ensures optimum thermoregulation. A practical LED indicator signals any problems so that it is immediately clear what action needs to be taken.

In North America, the HSE series of fixtures comply with all OSHA certifications, making the fixture compliant in all jurisdictions in Canada and USA. These fixtures are delivered with a CSA and CSA-ul sticker for legal use across North America. HSE fixture certifications meet all the test specifications for professional greenhouse horticulture. The specifications are ENEC, Isolation Class 1 and IP 23. The NXT fixtures were tested in accordance with EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-1. The fixtures also have the CE marking and the GOST-R certificate and they meet all other relevant requirements including EMC in Europe and other jurisdictions.

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