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Model 600 Xjm - Hose-Reel Irrigator With Engine Pump Unit



The “Xjm” range encompasses five models featuring different operating characteristics: 600, 800, 900, Major and Magnum. All machines have inherited the technical features of their „sisters“ besides offering:

  • Rewinding by hydraulic turbine and reducer with four-speed gear (it can be used as irrigator without built-in motor pump).
  • Motor pump unit with “IVECO” motor, NEF series, flanged pump (RM, Caprari or Rovatti), coupled with flexible coupling. The whole assembly is supported on Silent Block.
  • Electronically controlled unit for motor protection, by Elcos.
  • Telescopic arm with hydraulic winch for plunger with hydraulic rotation at about  180°.
  • Revolving union on plunger hose (diam 150 with foot valve diam 200 and with additional protection against algae)
  • Pump priming system on motor discharge pipe or of electrical type.
  • Big fuel tank positioned between the motor and the reel, vertical development, not comprised within the frame.
  • On demand and for models 900 Xjm, Major Xjm, Magnum Xjm a high capacity rear tank is available.
  • Hot dip galvanized frame (except for MAGNUM model).
  • Double axle with 4 isodiametric wheels with compensator and shock absorption, for MAJOR XJM and MAGNUM XJM models (on demand for 800 and 900 XJM).

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