- Model 622GTS, 622GTH - Front Tine Tiller



The 622GT features a 22” tilling width with all-hydraulic direct drive to the tine shaft. Built to withstand the demands of the job, this tiller is 215 lbs of 7 gauge steel. Light enough to maneuver easily, it is rugged enough to dig deep into the soil while absorbing the tilling impact and reducing the operator fatigue often associated with front tine tillers. The 1.5 gallon hydraulic reservoir keeps the weight down and reduces periodic maintenance costs. An oil cooler keeps the hydraulic oil at an optimum temperature for efficient operation.

The simple to use controls consist of only one lever to engage the tines and start tilling. A lever on top of the controls gives the option of forward or reverse tine drive functionality. The handlebars are adjustable,
allowing the operator to set the controls to their comfort level. Hard-faced reversible tines make it easy to dislodge obstructions such as rocks or roots without leaving the controls.

Minimal maintenance and satisfied customers are what make tillers profitable. The 622GT is open and accessible for easy maintenance with only three grease zerks to worry about. The heavy duty design means the tiller will absorb impact that might damage a lighter unit. The hydraulic design makes for stronger operation and increased longevity. The pressure relief valve prevents damage when tines are blocked, reducing the chance of costly repairs.

Model 622GTS: Subaru EX17 5.7HP
Model 622GTH: Honda GX200 5.5HP

Length: 61″
Width: 27.5″
Height: 44.5″
Tilling Width: 22″
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hydraulic Reservoir: 1.5 gallons

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