Model 642E - Three-Point Broadcast Hooded Sprayer



The 642E Three-Point Broadcast Hooded Sprayer with Over-Center Fold showcases a new and simple design that offers the same great drift protection and spraying accuracy. Just like its 642 companion, the 642E is ideal for spraying field borders and buffers. The sprayer also demonstrates good stewardship and is equipped with Redball Gen II Broadcast Spray Hoods.

Trailer Hitch Attachment

The new optional Trailer Hitch Attachment makes the 642E Hooded Sprayer more versatile than ever. The 642E Sprayer and Hitch Attachment are ideal for ag retailers as a rental unit. The Hitch Attachment allows for easy transportation behind a truck for delivery to farmers and field locations and a quick hook-up to a tractor. In addition the Hitch Attachment can be removed and the sprayer can operate with a three-point hitch.

  • Includes 30' & 40' wide tractor-mounted, 3-point wheel booms
  • Field trials have shown that the Redball® Gen II hood design helps limit spray drift, allowing for a more consistent and accurate chemical application*
  • Spray nozzles are mounted inside the hood to protect the spray pattern from wind disruption for better coverage
  • Features an over-center fold & a more simple design
  • Constant boom height for proper herbicide placement with use of gauge wheels
  • Ability to place wings in float cylinders allow wings to follow contours
  • Easy adjustment of gauge wheel settings

Toolbar Configurations Hydraulic Vertical Fold
Tank Sizes(s) 300 Gallon
Hood Sizes 20' Broadcast Hoods
Boom Length(s) 30' and 40'
Hitches Three Point Hitch (category 2 or 3)
Trailer Hitch Attachment (optional)
Pumps ACE FMC-150HYD-206 Pump Kit
Hypro 6500XL Pump Kit/Roller/PTO Driven
Spray Controllers 12v Solenoid Valve & Manual Pressure Adjustable Relief Valve (standard)
12v In-Cab Pressure Adjustable (optional))
Spray Nozzles Tips, Strainers and Caps Not Included
Spray Boom Plumbing 1/2' Quick Attach Diaphragm Triple Nozzle Bodies
Transport Width (approx.) 30' - 18' 5'
40' - 21' 9'
Transport Height (apporx.) 11' - 13'
Fresh Water Safety Tank 9 Gallon
Light Kit Standard
Parking Stands Standard
Available Colors Green Powder Coat Paint Finish with Yellow Hoods
Red Powder Coat Paint Finish with Grey Hoods
Shipping Weights (approx.) 3,100 - 3,400 lbs.

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