Model 642 - Three-Point Wheel Boom Broadcast Hooded Sprayer



The 642 Three-Point Wheel Boom Broadcast Hooded Sprayer helps growers take control of weeds and drift. This innovative sprayer is lined with Redball® Gen II Broadcast Hoods aimed to limit herbicide spray drift and offer better spray placement. This hooded sprayer is available in 20' - 50' toolbar sizes and equipped with Redball® Spray Monitors.

Trailer Hitch Attachment

The new Trailer Hitch Attachment makes the 642 Hooded Sprayer more versatile than ever. The 642 Sprayer and Hitch Attachment are ideal for ag retailers as a rental unit. The Hitch Attachment allows for easy transportation behind a truck for delivery to farmers and field locations and a quick hook-up to a tractor. In addition the Hitch Attachment can be removed and the sprayer can operate with a three-point hitch.

  • Includes 20' - 50' wide tractor-mounted, 3-point wheel booms
  • Field trials have shown that the new Redball® Gen II hood design helps limit spray drift up to 90%, allowing for a more consistent and accurate chemical application*
  • Spray nozzles are mounted inside the hood to protect the spray pattern from wind disruption for better coverage
  • Constant boom height for proper herbicide placement with use of gauge wheels
  • Frame is constructed of high-strength steel
  • Durable powder coat paint finish
  • Redball® Spray Monitors come standard

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