Model 6616 - Bale Processor



Bale Processor 6616, a revolutionary way of processing big bales. The Bale Processor 6616 features a unique design Limited by the quantity of electric energy available on most north american farms, VALMETAL engineers demonstrated much common sense and imagination in designing the Bale Processor 6616, a stationary chopper capable of processing big bales with little horse power requirement.

Energy efficient - Contrary to existing models, the grill on the Bale Processor 6616 is fixed while the rotor is adustable. 

The penetration of the knives into the bale is controlled by an ingenious system of levers and tensioners, allowing to get the maximum amount of chopped hay without overloading the motor. Also energy efficient, the embedded grill offers no resistance to the pivoting bale, reducing the horse power requirement. 

Designed to process all kinds of bales, round or rectangular. 

To match the full load amperage of the motor, the height of the rotor can be set, either manually with a crank or as an option, with a motorized kit including a 1/2' H.P. motor and a speed reducer. In its motorized version, the stroke is limited by two micro-switches.

Bale Processor 6616, to get all the benefits from the T.M.R. 

Inclined design, an important feature 

The slanted shape of the Bale Processor 6616 is not to satisfy a designer's fancies. Besides making the loading of big bales easier, purposely, its inclined design contributes to the low power requirement of the Bale Processor 6616. By gravity, the bale leans against the tub wall at the low end of the chopper. Paddles inside the revolving tub behave just like teeth on a gear and keep the bale pivoting on top of the rotor. 

Efficient and clean 

To prevent spillage and control the dust produced by the rotor, a totally enclosed discharge auger conveyor is bolted under the frame. The U-Trough made of galvanized steel is doubled with a high density polymer liner (UHMW) to avoid build-up and blockage. The 12' auger si directly driven by a speed reducer and a motor. 

The ingenious design of the rotor shaft and knife discs offers a spiral pattern for smooth operation which also requires less horsepower. The heavy-duty all steel rotor is designed for low maintenance and easy knife replacement. Smooth knife spacers reduce the possibility of twine wrapping around the rotor shaft.

Here is what the Bale Processor 6616 will do for your herd... and for you.

  • Makes the addition of hay in the ration for a perfect blend easy.
  • More dry matter intake.
  • More palatable feed, no sorting, no leftover, lower feed cost.
  • Delivers the length of hay that is best suited for your herd.
  • Processes only the amount of hay required for the ration.
  • Increases milk production.
  • Healthier animals.

Manual and automatic control panels are availables for the Bale Processor 6616. 

In the automatic version, by amperage reading, the automat controls the penetration of the knives into the bale to get the maximum output without overloading the motor. Motors start and stop in sequence.

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