Model 66DT - Geoprobe


Mounted on wide tracks and a heavy-duty undercarriage, 66-inch probe cylinder stroke (allows use of 5-foot probe rods), Equipped with GH-60 Probe Hammer, Powered by a 54 HP 4-cylinder Turbo diesel engine, Foot Travel – 39 in., Down Force – 32,000 lbs., Retraction Force/Pull – 42,000 lbs., Hydraulic Pressure (max.) – 2,450 psi, Hydraulic Flow Rate – 30 gpm, Single speed auger head attachment for installation of up to 2' wells, Torque – 1,500 ft. lbs., Rotation Speed – 0-105 rpm, Can install pre-pack screens using the 3.25' Dual Tube Sampling System.

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