Model 6800 Series - Ripper Bedder



The KMC 6800 Series Ripper Bedder allows for deep tillage under the row and forming uniform peaked beds for bedded row crops in one pass. The parallel linkage connection between the front ripper tool bar and the rearward bedder tool bar, and the pneumatic gauge wheels on the bedder tool bar, allow the disc gangs the flotation needed to form beds on varying terrain that are consistent regardless of the operating depth of ripper shanks.   Requires approximately 25-40 HP per shank dpending on depth and soil conditions.

  • On row ripper shanks attached to main 7x7' tool bar
  • Two Disc Gang assemblies per row attached to rear 4x4' tool bar
  • Parallel linkages connecting front main tool bar with rear tool bar permit Disc Gang assemblies to float independent of the Ripper Shanks
  • 8' x 10' adjustable Gauge Wheels on rear tool bar provide flotation for uniform bed heights
  • Parking stands
  • One pair adjustable Gauge Wheels are standard equipment on 6 and 8 row models.  Two pair Gauge Wheels are standard on 12 and 16 row models.  12 and 16 row mondels may require additional gauge wheels depending on soil conditions
  • Available with Reset on the Go or Toggle trip Shanks.

    • Tool Bars
  • 4x7 inch front hitch bar, 7x7 inch mail Tool Bar
  • 4x4' rear tool bar
  • Shanks: (Reset on the Go or Toggle Trip)
  • Reset on the Go with lifting the impement
  • Simple mechanical trip requires stopping and lifting the implement to reset
  • One inch width
  • High-strength, abrasion resistant steel
  • Wear shin protected
  • Reset on the Go shanks with 6000 pounds of trip force
  • Break hardpan at depths to 18'

  • Disc Gangs
    • Two disc per gang (18' and 20' on models other than 30' row models)
    • 20' single disc per gangs on 30' row models
    • Four position angle adjustment
    • Axle: 1 1/8' square
    • Bearings: 1 1/8' tri-ply seal, maintenance free. square bore
    • Prepares the soil at shanks depths of 12' to 18'

  • Disc Scrapers
  • Balk Plows
  • Automatic Reset Ripper Shanks
  • Row Markers
  • Planter lift assist whee

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