- Model 7000 Series - Air Carts



7000 Series Air Carts feature accurate metering and distribution, electronic monitoring, and single- or double-shoot options.

High Flow Fan

A high-flow fan gives added product-carrying capacity. The fan’s piston hydraulic motor is 98% efficient and rated for 10,000 hours of service.

Variable Rate System

The optional variable rate system allows you to change rates on the go with the press of a button.


An easy-to-read monitor provides accurate data for ground speed, fan speed, bin level, field-acres seeded, total acres seeded, and more.


The 7000 Series auger is double-hinged for exceptional balance. A 7 inch auger is standard on the 7180 model, and an 8 inch auger is available on the 7240 and 7300 models.

Walk-through Design

A unique walk-through design with a non-slip surface gives safe and easy access to loading areas. When auger is down, access to the platform is available from both sides of the tank.

Sizes and Configurations

Air carts are available in 180-bushel, 240-bushel or 300-bushel capacities, in either tow-behind or tow-between models.

Third Tank

A third-tank configuration facilitates one-pass operation for small oilseeds and grasses, starter fertilizer, or granular herbicide.

Controlled Traffic

Controlled traffic farming is the practice of repeatedly driving in the same wheel tracks with all of your equipment. This makes for more efficient use of farmland and increased overall fuel savings, as it is easier to pull equipment on compacted soil.

The Controlled Traffic tow-behind air cart available in a 180-bushel capacity can be configured to 2- or 3-meter track widths.

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