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Model 7580 RB25 30 - Potato Harvesters



Potato harvester 1 lateral row with a moving- bottom hopper (3T).  Sieving channel (75 cm) elevator-defoliator channel (80 cm). 1 hedgehog.

  • Drawbar for lower linkage, hydraulic foot
  • !/3 - Pick up consisting of 2 shareblades with adjustable angle, floating teeter roler, 2 grass-cutting discs mounted on spnngs.
  • Discs can be hydraulically driven (opt.). 2 haulm intake rollers and automatic centring of the sieving channel (opt.). I • Wide-mesh haulm web around the elevator web with rubber fingers > - P.D.R. system for separating the product, hydraulicaJfy adjustable rotary comb i - Sensor for automatic hopper filling up (opt.) f - Potato harvester lateral single row at work I - 2 speed gearbox (opt.) ) - Automatic control of the diqqinq depth (opt).

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