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Model 7R Series - Row Crop Tractors



The 7R Series combines the versatility of a utility tractor with the power of a row-crop tractor. Features include a new chassis that lets you ballast the tractor for hayfields or cornfields, a front hitch and PTO, six rear SCVs, plus increased hitch-lift and hydraulic capacities. The 7R comes in various sizes, allowing for diverse farming operations. The 7200R, the smallest John Deere tractor in the 7R series, is powered by a 200-horsepower PowerTech PSX 6.8L Interim Tier 4 engine that was engineered by Deere to meet high fuel economy expectations, as well as the strictest emission standards. As performance, as well as fuel economy, is important in all row-crop tractors, the engine utilizes two different turbochargers that provide high torque and engine responsiveness without guzzling gas or creating greenhouse emissions.

For larger operations, farmers may choose the 7230 John Deere tractor, which boasts higher horsepower and the latest in agricultural technology. The mid-size model offers the GreenStar JDLink System from Ag Management Solutions, allowing an operator to optimize farming performance by continually tracking, sending and receiving data for maintenance purposes. The system collects vital machine information and relays any alerts in the tractor's functioning directly to the operator. The model also includes the trademarked ComfortCommand seat with lumbar control and swivel action for unsurpassed operating comfort.

The largest John Deere tractor in the 7R Series, the 7280R, performs with 280 horsepower and features the John Deere AutoTrac assisted-steering system, which reduces an operator's implement overlap as well as fuel and input costs, and can significantly reduce the amount of fatigue felt by the driver.

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