- Model PASCO 8/12 - Feeding System



The PASCO 8/12 feeding system consists of a sturdy metering station made of steel. The PASCO 8/12 is specially designed to feed in difficult substrates, such as large quantities of solid manure, grass and renewable raw materials. The basic version of the PASCO has a capacity of approx. 8 m³ which can be easily increased to a capacity of 12 m³ by means of an expansion kit. Depending on local and plant-specific conditions, either a side feed (below fill level) or a solution with elevated conveyor technology can be implemented.

The PASCO 8/12/16 is designed specially for feeding renewable raw materials and similar feedstocks into biogas digesters and is characterized mainly by its high degree of flexibility in dealing with more difficult substrates, such as larger volumes of manure and grass (cutting length max. 60 mm, up to 10% of a single load can be up to a maximum of 100 mm long).

The basic version of the PASCO has a capacity of approx. 8 m³ and can be easily expanded via an expansion kit to handle loads of 12 or 16 m³. The sub-frame comprises a solid discharge screw (diameter 430 mm) and an additional loosening screw (PASCO 8: optional).

The perfect interplay between hopper design, choice of materials, conveyor technology and intelligent control minimises faults and guarantees reliable, safe and energy-optimised operation of the feeding station.

Advantages at a glance

  • Robust feeding station with a 3-year warranty on the hopper and trough
  • High degree of mechanical stability of the screw conveyors used
  • Can be used flexibly with a wide variety of raw materials such as grass, whole crop silage, maize and manure
  • Watertight vat prevents leakage of liquid silage

  • Sturdy and high-quality metering station
  • Flexible use for different quantities and raw materials
  • Water-tight vat
  • Flexible choice of discharge and conveyor technology
  • Low maintenance operation

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