Model 800 3R and 1000 3R - Mounted Sprayers



Professional mounted agriculture sprayers available in capacities of 800 and 1000 lt. Mounted 800 3R and 1000 3R are models adopted to EU technical requirements which means there are 3 tanks on sprayer: main tank, system-washing tank, hand-washing tank.

Control unit

Control unit is one of the most important part of the sprayer. We are able to provide several control unit options. The simpliest option is manual opening control unit (each valve needs to be opened manually). Next option is main valve electric opening control unit (main valve is controlled from a tractor cabin).

The most advanced option is computer operating control unit. Spraying process (spraying pressure and water consumption) is controled by computer.

Very small, but the most important parts of every agriculture sprayer. But many farmers don’t realize the importantance of nozzles for spraying quality. We are cooperating with reliable companies regarding nozzles and we can help to choose correct nozzles for particular spraying request. You just need to spend a little bit more of your time to discuss about all relative matter regarding spraying and nozzles.

On our sprayers we are mounting only tested and proved pumps with which main features are quality and reliability. Model of pump depends on spraying booms width (number of nozzles), but for these models we are mounting pumps capacity from 105 – 171 lt/min.

Self-levelling booms
All our spraying boom models have self-levelling system which is needed almost everywhere since ground configuration vary in every country and region. Hidraulic operated spraying booms has completely automated self-levelling system and spraying booms are blocked until they are completely opened.

Corrosion protection
Corrosion protection is made by thermic powder painting. We offer many different colours.

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