Model 800 and 1000 RS - Hydraulic Rear Steer



The models 800RS and 1000RS have Hydraulic Rear Steer that allows the operator to move the blade approximately 3 feet more to the left or the right side of the tractor. All done hydraulically from the tractor seat. These Rear Steer models require a minimum of 2 hydraulic remotes. This rear steer feature allows the HyGrade Grader to clean among bunk lines, feedlot fences, in poulrty barns, around buildings, road edges, trees, etc. without having to drive the tractor so close to the objects that you are working near. The Rear Steer feature gives the grader the capability to clean out drainage or irrigation ditches that are wet, while keeping the tractor on dryer ground. The Rear Steer models are very useful in orchards where reaching under trees is necessary.

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