Model 804 (8 inch) / 1004 (10 inch) - Direct Drive Augers


Our new design with mechanical drive utilizes PTO power to run both the main auger and swinging hopper. This allows you to use an older or smaller tractor with limited hydraulic capacity. Swinging hopper is powered by two gear boxes connected with a universal joint, which drive the flighting. Slotted idler sprocket is used to keep the chain tight at all times. Sprocket teeth are hardened for longer wear. Drive line has constant velocity universal joint for smooth operation at any angle. Standard equipped with hydraulic powered worm gear winch, which allows you to operate it from the tractor seat. Hopper dump area turns on its side in the transport and storage position. This prevents rain, snow and ice from accumulating in the hopper. Hopper may be used or transported on either side. A few quick changes allows opposite side hook-up. Lengths available from 56' to 71'. Smoothest, quietist auger you can buy.

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