Model 8300 - Handheld Unit



Capability for Badge-less systems. Ability to do add time ( after the fact) or real time in the field. Ability to add new Employees in the field to each crew. Print out end of day totals in the field using a portable printer. Reporting capability for both Individual Employees for the entire Crews.

  • Easy Data capture and manage / Manipulate
  • Simple to use for field Employees
  • Multi grower capability
  • Packing House
  • Streamline information from the field to the Packing House
  • Keep track of numbers efficiently and accurately
  • Low cost inventory Tracking & Management
  • Features
  • IP65 rating able to withstand severe conditions, multiple drops onto concrete from up to 6 1/2 feet!
  • Wireless Capability
  • Large easy to read screen with backlight.
  • Fast processing / easily upgradeable.
  • 10mb Capacity
  • Fully programmable
  • Drop down menus
  • Scan or key in data
  • Visible scans / Auto shut off
  • Ability to run different modules on single unit.
  • Fast upload and downloads / Extremely long battery running time.
  • Printer interface
  • Ability to integrate with scale system
  • Available in both English and Spanish text.

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