Model 8315 - Rowcrop Cultivator



The 8315 is the latest addition to the Orthman 8000 Series of Row Crop Cultivators. Rugged Orthman construction combined with a close-coupled tail section and parallel linkage creates a highly dependable machine capable of being tooled for many applications.The 8315 Cultivator is available in machines ranging in size from 4 row to 24 row, with row spacing options ranging from 30” on up. The 8315 can be built around a rigid, folding or stacking toolbar.

  • Standard forward swept barring-off discs pull soil away from the plant without disturbing the root zone.
  • The 8315 can be equipped with closed top metal shields that provide protection to young tender plants.
  • Wrap-around parallel linkage and solid toolbar mounting provide a long lasting unit foundation.
  • Large 20.5 x 8 x 10 Gauge Wheel (the industry's largest) provides unprecedented row unit flotation.

  • The 8315 can be equipped with the fully adjustable Bed Lister option that can be fine tuned to provide a wide range of bed widths, heights and shapes.
  • Close-coupled tail section provides ideal bedding clearance, perfect for cotton cultivation.
  • Quick and easy hand crank adjustments include positive position indicators for ease of adjustments.
  • Formed front coulter with angled depth band for improved strength, flotation and mud shedding capability.

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