- Model 8600 Series - Inframatic Flour Analyzer


The Inframatic Flour Analyzer is a Near Infrared Refl ectance (NIR) spectrometer specifically designed and optimized for the analysis of fl our and grain based products. The speed and ease-of-use of the Inframatic Flour Analyzer saves time and money by providing rapid and reproducible analysis.

This allows the miller to optimize the milling process, creating savings seen directly on the bottom line. Its fi lter-based optics is as accurate as monochromator systems, at signifi cantly lower investment and maintenance costs, and with great wavelength fl exibility. Perten Instruments has over 20 years of experience in NIR instruments for the fl our and grain industry and is the number one supplier of NIR instruments in the world with over 7.000 units installed.

Standard Calibrations: The instrument is delivered with ready-to-use standard calibrations, based on thousands of samples from a wide range of varieties.

Ash Measurement: 20 second ash analysis with accuracy equal to reference method. One calibration for all wheat fl ours 0.3 - 0.7 % ash. Patented and offi cially approved (AACC 08-21).

Easy to use: The Inframatic Flour Analyzer employs two-button operation, making it easy to use by non-technical personnel, thus reducing costly errors.

Stand-alone Instrument: There is no need for an external computer. This simplifies operation and allows instrument placements in environments unsuitable to computers.

Unique Sample Presentation System: Signifi cantly reduces sample presentation time and improves repeatability. There are no sample cups that are easily broken, scratched and expensive to replace.

Raw Material Analysis: Determine protein, moisture, hardness and other parameters to ensure you pay the right price for the right grain.

Process Optimization: 20 second ash analysis enables rapid process adjustments for maximum extraction within specifi cations.

Finished Product Verification: Verify product compliance with specifi cations and reduce costly rejections by analyzing every truck-load before dispatch.


Recommended Accessories


Laboratory Mill 120 or 3100: Approved hammer mills for preparation of whole grain.


PICS: Windows-based software for data collection, instrument administration and calibration development.

Precision Packer: Automatic sample presentation improves precision and removes differences between operators.

Power Requirements: 115 or 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz (specify on order).

Dimensions (HxDxW): 260x410x370 mm

Net Weight: 23 kg

Analysis time: from 20 seconds

Wavelength range: 500 - 2300 nm

Wavelengths: 7 - 20 (depending on application)

Products: Ground grain and fl our of Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, Rice, etc.

Parameters: Protein, Moisture, Ash, Hardness, Zeleny, Water absorption, Color, etc.

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