Model 872W - Running Gears



Capacity: 8 Ton. Tread Width: 72'/90'. Wheel Base: 85-182'. Axle Height: 25'. Axle Rectangle: 4 x 8. Spindles: 1 3/4'. Tongue Lift/Spring: YES. Torsion Reach: YES. Ball Joints: YES. King pin w/ Tapered Roller Bearings: Standard. Hubs: 6 bolt. Standard Tires: 11L-15. Stake Width: 38-42/60. Weight: 895.

E-Z Trail wagons flex their muscles over terraces and through waterways! There is no terrain too rugged for the triple torsion telescopic reach that stretches from 7' to 15' by fractional increments.

Here's why E-Z Trail wagons 'won't wag': The kingpin with tapered roller bearings simply keeps the steering as good as new long after others are worn & wagging! Dual Stops: Steering frame strikes both stops simultaneously 'before and behind'. Exclusive 100% greater over-steer protection.

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