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Model 8800 - One Pass Soil Conditioner


The Sterling 8800 One-Pass Soil Conditioner  offers versatility. It can be pulled behind secondary tillage implements (disk, field cultivator, sweeps):

  • SAVE FUEL with combined tillage passes!
  • 15' - 46' Units
  • Allows one trip seedbed preparation behind tillage implements
  • Double 16' Rolling Baskets with 11 - 7/8' Cold Roll Rods on 3/8' Bulkheads
  • Two Rows of 1/2' x 22' Long Heavy-Duty Coil-Tine Harrow
  • Spring Loaded Gangs for Unmatched Flexibility

½” Heavy Duty Coil Tine Harrows - 22” long

  • Spread trash
  • Kill small weeds
  • Incorporate chemicals and seed
  • Level ridges
  • Break soil crust

16” Double Baskets Walking Axle Design

  • 7/8” round rod
  • 1 1/2” solid center shaft
  • Opposing Chevron design
  • Spring Loaded
  • Offset gangs to eliminate gaps
  • Large baskets resist plugging in loose soil

With the 8800’s double ground-pounding action, air pockets are eliminated and the seed bed is ready for accurate seed depth placement. Residue is also buried to help with the decaying process.

Primary tillage implements (ripper, disk ripper, disk chisel, chisel):

  • levels the soil surface
  • breaks clods
  • buries trash
  • seals in moisture
  • saves fuel by reducing passes prior to planting

Or it can be pulled by itself:

  • Breaks the soil crust for planting
  • Saves fuel by having a very low draft requirement
  • Further firms the seedbed to achieve optimum seed placement

For primary tillage implements, the Sterling 8800 One-Pass is also available with a double-gooseneck hitch for narrow implements.

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