- Model 9 Series - Air Cart



The 9 Series Air Cart comes with a list of innovations. Advancements include Input Control Technology, new tank configurations, left side auger and a redesigned stairway for easier access.

Advanced Style

The tank shape is designed to increase filling efficiencies and operator safety. Silver metallic paint and clear coat provides outstanding toughness and resistance.

Tank Design

Filling of the tanks has been made easier with the symmetrical tank design. The tank lids are closer together and with the optional hydraulic assist the operator can use the wireless controller to adjust the positioning of the spout on the auger/conveyor.

Tank Lid Design

The lid design incorporates a gas cylinder to assist the operator when opening and closing the tanks.  The new handle is also positioned so that the operator does not need to stand above the lids to open them.  The lids can then rotate to sit along the tank panel and reduce clutter on the walkway.


The grated stairway located at the rear of the air cart is accessed from the auger side.  A retractable section provides a low step height when in use then slides up and locks it out of the way.  The sliding section has 2 larger gas cylinders that help lift and hold the stairs until locked in position.

Left Side Access

The left side auger/conveyor provides easier access when filling.  A new 6-function wireless remote has been included with the optional hydraulic assist to reduce operator fatigue.


The walkway is positioned to allow an operator more room to work and avoid dust when filling the tanks.  Grating and handrails around the walkway platform offer excellent protection for a more secure and safe work area.

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