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Model 9002HV - Harvester Crane With Telescopic Boom Extension


Powerful and reliable, with a high thinning capacity, a real pro for first and second thinning. The specifically designed harvester crane with telescopic boom extension ensures an optimal range for the 9002HV. High stability due to the low centre of gravity, good ground clearance, infinitely rotating superstructure and good circumferential visibility are some of the features that make the 9002HV indispensable for gentle thinning.

9002HV - The professional for first- and second thinning
9002HV. High performance and reliable. With a thinning performance from up to 16 solid cubic meters per hour a real professional in the first and second thinning. The specially developed harvester forest crane gives the 9002HV an optimal reach.

Stability by the deep-seated centre of gravity, good ground clearance, agile and economical harvester for careful thinning are some of the characteristics of the 9002HV.


A fully ROPS, FOPS and OPS tested cab for forest use with excellent all-round visibility. All windows in the danger area are made of Lexan. The ergonomic working area allows stress-free operation, while an efficient air conditioning system ensures cockpit comfort.


Service friendliness
Comfortable opening of hood and side cover from the cab. Afterwards all services station are easily accessible. Optional equipments e.g.: Central lubrication and auxiliary heating are clearly arranged.


Various track types reach an ideal traction on each type of ground. Optional 1-rib tracks, 3-rib tracks, Felastec plates, rubber chains and broader floor plates for wet ground can be mounted.

  • First thinning
  • Second thinning
  • Soft ground
  • Wet ground

Main data:

  • Empty weight with cabin: 11.0 tons
  • Height / width / transport length: 308 / 215 / 740 cm
  • Swing torque: 14.6 kNm
  • Tractive force running gear: 91.5 kN
  • Crane: Neuson forestry crane

Running and slewing gear:

  • Speeds of running gear: 2.44 km/h and 4.16 km/h
  • Superstructure slewing speed: 10.5 rpm
  • Superstructure slewing range: infinite
  • Gradability: max. 21° (40%)
  • Standard tracks: steel, triple grouser track chain, 500mm width
  • Length of running gear: 3350 mm
  • Ground clearance: 425 mm
  • Ground pressure: 0.33 kg/cm²

Engine data:

  • Engine: DEUTZ BF4M2012
  • Type: 4-cyl. turbodiesel engine
  • Cooling: water-coled
  • Engine displacement: 4038 ccm
  • Speed: 2300 rpm
  • Output acc. to DIN: 74 KW (101 hp)
  • Battery: 12 V / 2x 88 Ah
  • Generator: 12V / 150A
  • Diesel tank: 170 litres

Hydraulic system:

  • Hydraulic pump: double displacement and gear pump
  • Pump capacity: 88 + 88 + 54 + 19 l/min
  • Operating pressure: 300 bar
  • Pump capacity harvester unit: 190 l/min
  • Operating pressure harvester unit: 250 bar
  • Hydraulic tank: 120 litres
  • Return filter: standard 20 µm

Harvester units:

  • Foresteri: F20RH
  • Keto: 51 Viktor
  • Logmax: 928, 4000
  • Waratah: HTH240


  • Filled with bio-hydraulic oil: Xenon lamps
  • Tool kit: Theft protection
  • Vacuum pump: Single grouser track chain
  • Central lubricating unit for superstructure: Rubber track
  • Independent vehicle heater: Window film

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