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Model 900 - Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader


The Hydro-Inspecta 900 was the first variable speed, hydraulically driven cleaner/ loader to be manufactured by Terry Johnson Ltd. The ability to infinitely vary the speed of the webs enables users, be they growers or haulage contractors, to load cleaner beet, faster, by accurately adjusting the loading speed to suit all working conditions.

  • Powerful diesel engine with electric start.
  • Full width picking-off table allows for two people to work in comfort.
  • Standard hopper capacity 110cu. ft (175cu. ft. with optional hopper extension). Length at top (std.) 3.13m (10’4”) - 3.43m (11’4”) with extn. Width at top (std.) 2.17m (7’2”) - 2.49m (8’2”) with extn. Height from ground to top of hopper (std.) 2.92m (9’6”) - 3.05m (10’) with extn.
  • Swan-necked elevator reaches into centre of lorry body for optimum load distribution.
  • Choice of 50mm (2”) and 40mm (1 9/16”) pitch rod link webs or 50mm (2”) and 42mm (1 5/8”) continental- style elevator webs to suit all conditions. A scrubber-web suspended above the elevator web ensures that the crop is tumbled for maximum cleaning.
  • The dirt chute ensures that dirt does not fall through the elevator into, or close to the side of the lorry.
  • Robust steel box-section chassis with under-chassis clearance of 1350mm (4’5”) to allow easy removal of dirt.
  • Clearance can be increased to 1675mm (5’ 6”) if the optional hydraulic front leg attachment is fitted.
  • Heavy duty wheels with 11.5 / 80 x 15.3 wheels and tyres for high manoeuvrability with safe and reliable towing on the road

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