Model 912 - Mulch Transplanter



The NEW Model 912 Mulch Transplanter is designed to have more accurate depth control and a wider range of plant spacings than other mulch planters and water wheels. Operators hands stay free of water and chemicals while sitting in an upright and comfortable position.

  • Specially designed quick change pockets that can be changed in minutes.
  • Plant spacings of 10', 12', 16', 21', 32' and 64'.
  • Two sizes of pocket points for small cell up to 1 1/2' and larger cells from 1 3/4 - 2 1/4'.
  • Gauge wheel drive system for accurate depth control and spacing.
  • Dual control pocket discs for added strength and easy adjustment.
  • Scissors hitch with adjustable springs to control amount of packing weight
    on rear wheels. It also gives uniform depth control in uneven ground.
  • All weight of operator and plants is carried on the toolbar.
  • Smooth adjustable packing wheels for packing and easy depth control.
  • Plants on raised beds or flat ground.
  • Choice of flat trays or carrousels for holding plants.
  • Optional cushion seat, water valve, barrel and barrel mounting brackets.

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