Model 918 - Heavy Hay Rake



Made in Canada, the Jiffy hay rake is built heavy to minimize flexing, sag and sway even under the heaviest raking and rougher field conditions. Staying strong and solid while working in the field, this hay rake helps you ensure working height and width won’t budge, allowing you to rake faster and minimizing dirt in the windrow. Our rakes don’t have to be designed light to reduce the cost of overseas shipping so you can relax, knowing you don’t have to worry about flexing every time you hit a bump in the field. Durable, reliable and designed to last, the Jiffy hay rake can handle even the largest windrows and still be folded in the field for transport.

  • Single arm raking on all models
  • Heaviest frame on the market
  • Simple folding mechanism
  • Double acting rake wheel cylinders
  • Plastic lined slide collar
  • Transport cam lock on caster wheel
  • Variable windrow width.
  • Simple mechanical crank adjustments on models 912 and 916 sets the windrow width from 38' to 58' to handle the heaviest windrows.
  • Extra high clearance opening to handle the largest windrows.
  • Single folding cylinder is extended in the working position and retracted for transport and storage. The cylinder shaft is not exposed to the weather.
  • Raking wheels are individually sprung to provide proper ground coverage. Double acting hydraulic cylinders on 900 series models provide fast wheel raising and lowering for quick cornering.

All models come with:

  • 56' Diameter Rake Wheels
  • 7mm Rake Tooth Diameters
  • 40 Rake Teeth per Wheel
  • 5' x 5' Wing Member Tube
  • 225/75D15 Tires

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