- Model 9400 - Land Tracker



BLU-JET's LandTracker 9400 is the only multiple use implement caddy that allows you to combine several operations in one pass to save time and money. Two independently controlled three point hitches allow for a multitude of combination passes through the field including StripTill, Combination Tillage, and Fertilizer Application. LandTracker's 28,000 pound maximum lift capacity and 400 pto maximum tractor horsepower rating means that many of today's larger implements are not a problem.

  • Heavy Duty 7' x 7' x 3/8' Rear Frame
  • HD 8' x 4' x 3/8' Arched Tube Tongue & Spine
  • Fabricated Clevis and Cat III Heat Treated Wheatland Hitches Standard (Cat IV Wheatland Hitch Optional)
  • Choice of Multiple Wheel Lift Systems
  • 28,000 Pound Total Lift Capacity
  • 400 PTO Horsepower Maximum Tractor Rating

With the superior flexibility of our exclusive LandTracker 9400, producers can customize it to perfectly fit their operation. The hallmark of LandTracker 9400's flexibility is the multitude of tire and wheel lift combinations customers can choose to match their needs. Fertilizer options from ground driven pumps, 1000 gallon tanks, and an ammonia wagon hitch are also available.

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