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- Model 944HDE - Natural Turf Unit



The FairwayGroomer effectively doubles the working width of the GreensGroomer for Natural Turf unit in a compact, adjustable method. The wings “float” along-side the main frame with the same patent-pending brush layout without gaps in the brushing area. Equipped with Heavy Duty White Brushes, the bristle stiffness is designed for use on fairways, to breakdown aeration cores quickly. The large, twelve foot span simplifies and reduces the time necessary for fairway grooming. The Wings are connected to the main frame with durable hinges and a simple cabling system. The electric actuator raises and lowers the wings simultaneously with the wings for transport and use, with a manual adjustment for long distance travel.

In previous years, we've offered our Extension Wings Attachment so users of the Original GreensGroomer could adapt their units for more efficient fairway use — converting back again for greens use. What we learned is that most owners avoided this temporary conversion and fewer even had knowledge of the Extension Wings.

We've now made it easier by offering the FairwayGroomer as a separate product (equipped with the White, Heavy Duty brushes). This allows owners to have a dedicated unit for greens and a specialized unit for fairways. This saves time by avoiding the conversion process and allows for the different brush characteristics to be used with maximum effectiveness.

GreensGroomer 944 Series FairwayGroomer is the combination of the venerable GreensGroomer (920HDE) with our Extension Wings (924HDE) attachment. This combination produces a total operating width of 12-feet, effectively doubling the width of the Groomer. Both the brush layout and weight of the Extension Wings mirror that of the GreensGroomer, assuring accurate, consistent brushing the entire width of the unit. The Extension Wings also float up and down, following undulations on fairways. The specialized white, heavy duty brushes are stiffer and break down larger aeration cores more efficiently.

All measurements listed within the specifications are from the original design documents. Please confirm the accuracy of such measurements for your own benefit.

  • Main Frame: 2 inch square tube (11 gauge) with 1-1/2 inch (10 gauge) Square tube cross bars
  • Draw Bar: One piece 2” square tube
  • Length: 48 inches (84 inches overall including the draw-bar)
  • Main Frame Width: 72 inches
  • Main Frame Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Wing Frame Width: 37 inches (ea. wing)
  • Wing Frame Weight: 78.6 lbs. (ea. wing)
  • Running Gear: 2 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with Oil Impregnated Graf oil bushings
  • Electric Lift: 1000 lb. capacity Electric 12 volt linear actuator
  • Finish: Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including de-greaser and anti-rust coating
  • Brushes: (24) Heavy Duty White Synthetic Brushes
  • Bristles attached to polypropylene head - 6-12”; 12-18”; 6-41”
  • Brush Weight: 56 lbs. - Full Set White
  • Main Shipping Crate: 75-1/2” x 53-3/4” x 29”
  • Main Crated Weight: 388 lbs.
  • Wing Shipping Crate: 51” x 41” x 34”
  • Wing Crated Weight: 290 lbs. (set of 2 wings)

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