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Model 9500 Series - Pull-Type Sprayers



Short Coupled Design: 176” pin-to-axle, Improved tracking, Less crop damage. Hydraulic Accumulated Center Pivot Center Section: Isolates boom from trailer, Allows for lower spray heights.

Stainless Steel Wet Boom Plumbing

  • Excellent chemical residue cleanout
  • Improved durability
  • Higher flow rates

Fast Tank Design

  • US Patent #7,585,000
  • 1800 or 2400 gallon capacities
  • Low and wide center of gravity

Large Trough Sloped Sump

  • Sump with additional drop-down for maximum clean-out
  • Keep pump primed on long slopes

100 Gallon Rinse TankBreakaway with Fore and Aft Movement

  • Increased durability and lighter weight

High Crop Clearance Frame

  • Less crop damage

Single Draw Non-Extendable Hitch

  • Minimal crop damage for late season spraying

Adjustable Axle Width

  • 80”–88”–120”

Three Position Adjustable Axle

  • Tailored to your needs for improved tracking


  • 380/90R46” (9518)
  • 480/80R50” (9524)

Dual Wheel Capability

  • 62-120”, 80-120”, 88–132”

Sleeved Hydraulic Hoses and Wiring Harness by Tongue

  • User-friendly, clean look

Raven 450 Auto Controller

  • 1 1/2” MVC
  • 60 gallon flow meter
  • SkyTrak Speed Control

Hydraulic Pump

  • Hypro 9306C-HMI

Tee-Jet Flow Back Ball Valves

  • Three section for 60–66–90’ booms
  • Four section for 80–88–100’ booms

Greenleaf TurboDrop Spray Tips 110025

  • Drift control - air induction

Powder Coat Paint

  • Durable, attractive finish

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