Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage

Model 9700 CTS - Multi-Purpose Primary Tillage


The 9700 CTS is designed to reduce equipment capital and operating costs by performing so many operations with this one machine. Salford's unique design allows you to use the CTS for top soil tillage, minimum tillage, deep tillage finishing or deep ripping, to reduce your capital costs and maintenance. The 9700 can be configured with chisel shanks and/or parabolic shanks.  The heavy 1 1/4' x 4' shanks handle the CTS's trip pressure, adjustable up to 4000 lbs, with the optional third trip spring.

Standard Features

  • 16' Shank Spacing
  • Auto Reset Shanks / Adjustable trip
  • (average 2200 lbs pressure)
  • 33” Under frame clearance
  • Random shank spacing
  • Gang shaft scrapers

Disc Gang Specs

  • 22” x 1/4” thick smooth blades standard
  • Hydraulic depth control
  • Blades on 8' spacing
  • Optional notched or wavy


  • Auto reset 3rd spring assist increases trip adjustment to 4000 lbs
  • Notched blades
  • 22” x 13-wave blades
  • Wheel mud scrapers (pair)
  • Shank Reset Lock-Out Kit

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