Model 98C series - Silo Unloaders


98C Silo Unloader is a surface-drive silo-unloader. Feed is removed by a gathering chain system and fed into the blower. The gathering chain and track is propelled around the silo by two large 30' drive wheels. The Model 98C Silo Unloader is available in sizes: 14,16,18, 20; 22. 24; 26, 28, and 30 feet in diameter.

  • Motor requirements are as follows: Use only motors with 1700 to 1800 rpm; 7-1/2 hp. motor for silos from 14' thru 20' diameters; 10 hp motor for silos from 14' thru 30' diameters.
  • GRAETZ designed and manufactured components form the rigid cast gear boxes to the tempered gears.
  • Constructed with all components originally designed and produced by Graetz Mfg., for Patz® Company to market under their name.
  • The Graetz patented cutter & claw chain has a proven track record of the highest quality since the early 1960’s.
  • All the components are manufactured at Graetz Mfg. in Pound, WI

Customer reviews

  1. By Jamie Anderson on

    I'm having trouble when I first open the silo, it likes to bury itself. I have the winch cable on to keep it working but if I'm not up there to see what's happing how do I know its going around or digging to China. How do I know how much to crank the winch down? By not knowing I've already bent the drive axles like a pretzel. Climbing the silo every time I feed and have someone run it is not practical, or energy efficient. Help