Model A & C - Hammermills



Although designed in the same spirit and very much alike, series A and C hammermills have appreciably different vocations. While the series A mill is mainly used on cereals, fodder crops and ligneous products, the series C mill finds its real application on difficult or fatty products such as meat or fish meal, oilseeds, mineral or chemical products, etc...

The main features of these two types of mill are :

  • Their extremely sturdy design of the meccano type where all the components are interchangeable,
  • The suction feed through the bottom of the mill by means of a chute fitted with magnets,
  • Extra thick side flanges made of cast iron for the A series and steel for the C series. The C series is in addition equipped with interchangeable wear plates,
  • The crushing chamber fitted with an impact plate with counter-hammers,
  • The rotor mounted on a perfectly balanced large diameter shaft, resting on two external bearings. Of the 'standard' type in the A version, the rotor is systematically 'heavy' in the C version,
  • The large area grille covering half the top circumference of the crushing chamber is interchangeable in a few seconds by merely opening the top cover,
  • Pneumatic extraction of the product in the top right-hand or left-hand part of the mill avoiding any clogging. In the C version, the outlet is compulsorily one single 'high' outlet,
  • The drive is achieved by means of one or two motors coupled in-line on the rotor shaft,
  • The crusher unit and its motors are supported by anti-vibratory rubber feet.
  • Application field : meal, milling industry, wood
  • Capacity : 2 to 5 t/h
  • Installed power : 15 to 110 kW

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