- Model LA240 - A-Frame Layer Cage System


The A-Frame Layer Cage Systems are available with 3 or 4 decks, depending on the needs. A system designed with a larger cage area: 24”x24” = 567sq inches. Now with higher density of layers per cage and more space per layer.

Equipped with two Nipple Drinkers per cage, which provide greater water distribution to all layers, even without Climate Control in hot environments.

This system is Fully-Automated, creating convenience and efficiency, in addition to lowering labor costs. All power units are direct drive “coupled motors and gearboxes', without belts, thus eliminating the need for maintenance or belt changes.

This cage model was engineered with a cage stand & reinforced trough support in Heavy Galvanized Steel, every 4 feet (1.22mts) on each tier, strengthening the system twice as much.

The cage tops and doors are designed with wires parallel to the feeder troughs, allowing better flock control and providing more wiggle room for the layers to access the feed.

This system is equipped with polypropylene manure deflectors to a bottom pit, with no maintenance required until the end of the laying period of the flock.

Designed with flexible reinforced floors, this cage system maintains the ideal angle for the rollout of eggs without obstructions.

Once the Egg Collecting System is turned on, the belts carry the eggs to the header, where flexible fingers gently descend them to a cross conveyor that takes them to the grader room, completing the fully automated process.

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