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Pneumatic conveying may be defined as a continuous and flexible transporting method for dry bulk particles through a pipeline by either a negative (suction) or a positive (blowing) pressure air stream. Basically it consists of a tubing system in which a granular product is carried. Suction systems are commonly used for the recovery of products from bulk storage and transferring it to a new location a short distance away. Pressure systems are used when conveying products longer distances. In some cases benefits are gained by using a combination of suction and pressure systems.

  • Conveys products long distances even around corners or across the yard
  • Safe operations with controls at ground level and few moving parts
  • Automatic operation with minimal operator inputs
  • Conveys products to multiple destination at varying line lengths
  • Self cleaning pipeline ( a kernel in is a kernel out)
  • Controlled cushion of air to maintain product quality
  • Ease of inspection with minimal risk of product contamination
  • Future expansion with minimum capital investment
  • Low operating costs
  • Flexible and positive switching of products or storage destinations

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