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Model A4 - Milking Robot

You may be facing one of the most important choices as an entrepreneur. How to grow your business with as little labour as possible? You do realize that this will inevitably require automation. The switch towards automated milking is a major step. First of all, this requires a substantial investment. In addition, you may wonder how your cows will adjust to the system and how you can keep monitoring your herd effectively. We are convinced that automation is the best way to achieve optimal results with your available labour while maintaining maximum respect for your cows.

There are four reasons to opt for Lely:

1) The cow is key.
2) Highest milk quality ensured.
3) All you need to gain full control.

But most important of all:

4) Lely Astronaut; the natural way of milking...

Just like all our dairy solutions, the new Lely Astronaut A4 milking robot has been developed from a clear-cut starting point: the cow. The robot guarantees the highest achievable milk quality while its unique management tools ensure that you have full control over your herd. You can rely completely on the robot. And on us 24/7.

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