Model A4S - Auger Applicator



The A4S auger applicator systems are a type 3 (medium distribution accuracy) applicator that treats seed as it's transferred with an auger. This allows treating delay until you're loading your seed to take it to the field.

  • The lower cost system offers simple mounting and operation, along with medium distribution accuracy.
  • A4 chemical applicators use the same controlled droplet nozzle as the G3 applicator. It mounts in an adaptor fitting that clamps onto an auger inlet, and sprays onto the seed flow top surface.
  • The seed feed to the applicator is regulated by a seed flow control kit, which provides a means of stabilizing seed flow at a regulated amount.
  • While producing somewhat lower uniformity than the G3, the A4S provides the same chemical rate accuracy, along with much improved application uniformity over dripper applicators.
  • The A4S comes with calibration tables for Charter®, Dividend®, DB Red/Green®, Raxil 250®, Vitavax Solution® and Vitaflow280®, liquid inoculants and Jumpstart.

Dripper 'treating by color' costs you money in 2 ways.

  1. With no way to accurately gauge chemical or seed rate, treatments are usually over-applied.
  2. The poor uniformity of dripper application results in most of the seed lot getting badly treated, eliminating most of the protection to the crop.

Accurate treatment application is impossible with a dripper. Gravity pressure flow rates continuously change as the tank empties, causing chemical flow drop of 50 % from start to finish. Add the problem of different color intensities and application rates between chemicals, and you can see why 'color treating' is a very poor means of protecting your crop.

The A4S applicator gives you improved crop protection with calibrated application rates and controlled droplet application technology. You not only get the proper application rate, but far better distribution on the seed.

The newSeed Flow Control kitincluded allows control of the seed flow rate to the applicator. This greatly increases the application uniformity by fixing both seed and chemical rates. Seed flow control is an essential part of seed treating. Without seed rate control, chemical application rate setting is impossible. You have no idea what chemical volume is being applied.

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