- Manometer Tester



The AAMS manometer tester is especially designed for checking manometers of all types of sprayers. The device is therefore equipped with quick couplings to allow a fast and proper mounting of manometers without the risk of damaging the thread of the measuring device by improper mounting. The AAMS manometer tester is delivered with a high precision reference manometer foreseen with a fine graduation.

  • The reference manometer can be selected with an end-scale value of 6, 10, 16, 25 or 40 bar. The reference manometer has a diameter of 160 mm and is of class 0.6.
  • The hydraulic pump allows pressure measurements up to 80 bar.
  • Quick fit couplings are provided for manometers with a connection of 1/4', 3/8' and 1/2' .
  • The manometer tester and the reference manometer are packed in a robust box for safe transport.
  • Optionally, an official calibration certificate with the calibration values can be delivered.

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