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- Mechanical Measuring Device



The AAMS mechanical measuring device, to define the flow rate of nozzles mounted on sprayers, is made of durable materials and is compact for easy transport purpose. The device is equipped with quick fit couplings, to which hoses connected to universal adapters can be fitted. The hoses will guide the liquid from the nozzles into the measuring glasses.

  • The flow rate measurement device is produced for every even number of nozzles. For the horticulture, a version with 14 measuring glasses, for fruit growers one with 16 glasses and for South European sprayers (for olives and citrus), a version of minimal 20 glasses is advised to be able to measure all the nozzles mounted on a complete sprayer in one pass.
  • The glasses have a content of 2000 mL and have a scale of 20 ml., with 1% precision.
  • The inner frame has 3 positions: a) to collect the liquid in the glasses, b) to read the content and c) to empty the glasses.
  • The adaptors are universal and will fit on all types of nozzle holders and caps.
  • Adaptors for pneumatic sprayers are available optionally.
  • Under the measuring device, a collection container can be provided optionally in order to retain the liquid sprayed.

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