- Vertical Patternator



The AAMS vertical patternator is designed to measure the vertical liquid distribution of orchard and air-blast sprayers. The patternator is constructed with specially manufactured lamellae that allow the air to pass through and filter the sprayed liquid. The collected liquid between the lamellae is guided per 10 cm. of height to a measuring glass.

The vertical patternator is produced in 2 versions: a mobile (picture 1) and stationary (picture 2) version.

The working height of the patternator can be selected in relation to the height of the crop and/or type of sprayer (e.g. up to 2 m. for vineyards and up to 5 m. for apple and pear orchards). All heights between 2 and 5 m. are available as well.

Optionally, the measuring glasses can be equipped with electronic sensors to automate the registration of the liquid content of the measuring glasses.

With the software, a complete test report can be printed with the distribution before and after adjusting the sprayer.

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