- Outlet Positioning Unit



The AAS program controlled Outlet Positioning Unit (OPU) operates pneumatically and electronically. The AAS OPU is custom Made in Germany under AAS technical specifications and utilizes reliable AAS software programming.

The system enables inspection of the shape and position of each outlet and adjusts accordingly on a continuous basis.

  • The optical sensor vision system captures on line production computer generated illuminated images of each outlet. The image processing CPU makes very high speed image processing calculations and determines whether the shape and the position of the outlets are within specifications.
  • The Closed Loop Control System will continuously monitor and adjust, so all necessary dimensional specification requirements are met.
  • The Closed Loop Control System will store all data relating to last 100 dripper outlets that have fallen out of specification.
  • No taps option: a special tap suction system is offered as an option, so drilling may operate smoothly without letting any obstacles or taps flying around.

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