- Model 251/350 - Felling Head


Forest thinnings are a great resource for large volumes of biomass. The accumulating ABAB Felling head fells and organizes bundles of trees to the ground that can be forwarded further to roadside. With the ABAB Felling head you cut up to diam 35 cm and it is specifically designed for biomass harvesting, cleanings or pre-commercial thinning, neglected forests, roadsides and power line corridors. Cutting thinnings gives a safe and high performance at a low cost.

  • Fully automated electrical control system for efficient and user friendly use.
  • Crane tilt function, allows you to hold and move the felling head with precision to eliminate damaging the remaining trees when holding the harvested stems.
  • Few moving parts gives you less maintenance and higher uptime.
  • Efficient knife cutting the stem towards the base of the felling head. Smarter design and less forces in moving parts like grapple- and accumulating arms.

The ABAB Felling head can be mounted to various chassis like harvesters, excavators or tractors.

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