- Agricultural Mulchers



Mulcher conceived for very large farms and agricultural contractors. Robust machine designed for very intensive mulching, intended for mulching grass in orchards, nurseries and park maintenance, straw, maize stalks, and on fallow land. Depending on the plantation, different working widths can be set between 3,60m and 5,40m thanks to our hydraulic beam.
The innovative and practical device for opening and closing the rotors is equipped with special hitches and safety valves for transport. The 480mm diameter mulching rotor delivers maximum throughput. A heavy steel beam forms a fixed leveling point, relative to which the two rotor structure can be lifted and lowered, the two rotor overlap and can work independently of each other. It gives also better users visibility across the whole working width. The inside belt transmission allows us to approach the lateral edges as close as possible to the feet of the trees.


  • Steel-plate chassis, thickness 10 mm.
  • Rotor POLSER of 480 mm. of diameter.
  • Gearbox SERRAT.
  • Inside 2 x 3 SPCX side belt transmission
  • Stamped hammers.
  • Hammers guaranteed against breakage.
  • GIROSTOP System.
  • Supports of bearing rotor in steel.
  • Oscillating bearings of double row of rollers.
  • Front protection curtain.
  • Obturations antiwire in rotor.
  • Double bearing on rear roller.
  • Height-adjustable rear rollers.
  • PTO 1000 rpm.
  • Hydraulic folding exclusive design by SERRAT.
  • Front skid shoes.
  • Model built under EC Normative.
  • Safety indicators visible to personnel.

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