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Thanks to professionalism and experience, Abbi-Aerotech. has become one of the leading suppliers of fans for poultry buildings. Abbi-Aerotech is continuing its development efforts to create reliable and high-quality products. Our product range includes both metal (Grower series), glass-fibre reinforced synthetic fans (Vortex series) and Abbi-Fan with flowdoor. They are pre-eminently suited for application in buildings with length and tunnel ventilation. Fortex series is standard provided with a cone, resulting in energy saving and an extra air output of 18-20%. Moreover, lifespan has increased considerably and corrosion does not occur.

Metal fans can be supplied with cones as well. Notable is the location of the shutters, which are mounted on the inside of the stable. As a result of the underpressure from the running ventilator, the flaps automatically open without any mechanism, resulting in fewer malfunctions. Both models are available in a number of types with an air displacement capacity varying from 16,000 to 65,000 m³ per hour.

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